GE's Lifecycle Asset Management Program

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Program Overview

Equipment Financing

Proven CapEx advisory and Leasing Services to align your CapEx budgets to your functional and strategic priorities.

  • Capital Efficiency
  • Cost Discipline
  • Commercial Advantages

Challenge the traditional approach to straight-line depreciation, using Early-Buy-Outs and tailored structures to meet your needs and next generation asset classes.

Surplus Asset Management

Leverage AssetLink, GE's platform for identifying and managing surplus assets, to redeploy assets across the business.

  • Identify Idle & Surplus Equipment or Inventory
  • Repurpose / Transfer Assets using Redeployment
  • Mark Assets available for disposition to generate cash proceeds. Leveraging a proven, compliant process.

Compliant Disposition

A proven process for Maximizing gross proceeds using a compliant and trusted process. With Export Control, EHS, KYC and AML at the core.

  • Over 15,000 trusted buyers
  • Over 150,000 assets sold
  • Over $125MM+ Gross Sales

Proven across 28 countries and 30+ asset classes, from Machine Tools to Scrap Materials.

Now Live


Manage your Leased assets anywhere, anytime. 


With the ability to capture new Lease Requests and channel these to a central approver, ensure clear adherence to CapEx policies whilst allowing your locations to unlock the numerous benefits of leasing.

In most businesses GE follows a 3-step process to manage Used & Surplus Assets.

Surplus Asset Management

Identify & Spec

Capture assets in-situ or load via bulk into AssetLink, our Asset Specification & Approvals tool.

  • Capture Assets In-Situ or Bulk
  • Send for Finance & EHS Approvals (based on Location)
  • Send directly to Redeployment or Remarketing channel
  • No Cost or Fee

Redeploy Internally

Give GE colleagues in-business and across GE an opportunity to request a Transfer.

  • View Assets Available across GE
  • Customizable Email Notifications
  • Create Wanted Asset Ads
  • Asset Procurement Services to support in-direct sourcing needs
  • No Cost or Fee

Remarket / Disposal

View thousands of assets being actively remarketed on the GE Warehouse marketplace.

  • View Assets from Used & Surplus + Restructuring Events
  • Access to 15,000+ registered buyers
  • Access to a Global Vendor Network of Auction Houses
  • Capabilities for Auctions, Make Offer, and Private Treaty Sales

Now Live


We’ve replaced AssetFlow with a brand new system, AssetLink. 

Designed from the ground up to simplify the process and expand coverage to new asset classes and location types.

Managing Idle & Surplus Assets

How does Asset Redeployment work?

Transferring between different LEs

For items transferred between two different legal entities, the transfer price will be based upon the assets Fair Market Value (FMV).

Transferring within the same LE

For items transferred within the same legal entity, the transfer price will be based on the Net Book Value (NBV).

Accounting Treatment

This system facilitates the capture, transfer request, and approval between parties, accounting treatment / financial transactions take place offline in the business’ financial system of record.

System Driven

Costs for disassembly, rigging, packaging and transport are to be funded by the entity that is requesting the equipment.

Our GE & GE Legacy Customers

We work day-in, day-out with GE locations around the world to maximize the Identification, Redeployment and Remarketing of idle / surplus assets.

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